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 The Media-attack on the Mercy Prophet

استعرض الموضوع السابق استعرض الموضوع التالي اذهب الى الأسفل 
كاتب الموضوعرسالة
المدير العام

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مُساهمةموضوع: The Media-attack on the Mercy Prophet   الإثنين 24 مارس - 6:43:03

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The Media-attack on the Mercy Prophet

Written by

Dr. Abdelwahab bin Said Alqahtany

Almalk Fahd University for Petroleum and Metals

person, who follows the western irritant media-offensives against Islam
and Moslems especially those consecutive attacks on the prophet
Mohammad (prayers and peace from Allah be upon him) and Islam, will
find that we are facing the most dangerous challenge in modern history.

there is an integral plan prepared by the enemies of Islam before the
eleventh of September 2001A.D, as they are contriving this plan through
the arrangement and cooperation with their allies who benefited from
what had the eleventh of September-terrorists done to accelerate its
accomplishment. The caricatures that are mocking at the messenger to
all humanity i.e. our Prophet (all prayers and peace from Allah be upon
him).Those caricatures that were published in some of the Danish
newspapers are nothing more than one of the means that are used to
irritate the Moslems. Those caricatures are considered the most
dangerous media-attacks that are weaved cunningly and quietly by the
decision-makers in the western countries that are allying through
different means in order to degrade each of Islam Moslems' dignity,
pride and their affiliation with Islamic religion and culture.

We should realize that those who committed the attacks against the United States
in the eleventh of September 2001 A.D. accelerated the execution of the
accursed plan against Islam and the Moslems who didn’t commit the
attacks. Those attacks were carried out by a few persons who considered
themselves members of the Moslem community while being unaware of the
damaging consequences of what they had done upon the bright picture of

Denmark and other nations of the western union are supporting the American occupation of Iraq
by different means. So when they stir up the Moslems all over the
world, using these caricatures that are mocking at our beloved Prophet;
the honest and truthful Messenger Mohammad (all prayers and peace from
Allah be upon him), the Iraqi popular resistance finds more
justifications to do more resistant actions against the Americans and
their allies as a reaction for some western deeds that are insulting
the Messenger (all prayers and peace from Allah be upon him). The
insulting attacks against Islam and Moslems aim at the continuation of
Iraq-occupation and restraining all the legal sources of resistance
against the American occupation and its allies.

than a year ago some of the Australian mass media have displayed the
pictures of torturing the Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghareeb Jail stirring
the resistance to increase its activities against the Americans and
other westerns in Iraq. Thus through the frequent media doses that arouse the Moslems' feelings, America
benefits from the waves of anger to keep on its occupation for an
Arabic and Moslem country. Those pictures that were presented by the
Australian media were, according to my interpretation, kept by the
Americans for a long time ago in order to be used in the media hence
they would be circulated by the United States from time to time to the Australian and western media who are allying with America.
This all was done with the aim of irritating and activating the
Iraqi-resistance to continue its attacks that will justify the
existence of the American occupying forces and their allies in Iraq
for a long time on the pretext of protecting the Iraqi-government and
people of what she called terrorists. Therefore, we will hear and see
many pictures and new methods of irritating the resistance to commit
revengeful deeds against them. Thus America will stay in Iraq under the pretense that she follows the terrorists and gets rid of them to keep the security and stability in Iraq and other Middle East countries, according to its claims.

strategy-features of the war against Islam and Moslems have been shown
in the annual conference of the North-Atlantic Pact in Napoli more than
sixteen years ago; after the deterioration of the communist camp that
Moslems have participated in its economic disintegration since the
occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union and the Islamic and
Arabic countries' stood by the United States to wage a war against the
Soviet existence in Afghanistan. The Arab’s support for the United
States was a failure because it produced an unbalanced strength that
caused America's getting a single-handed control of the Arabs and
Moslems after they were its allies in Afghanistan which they occupied
while being shaded by the International Alliance.

my master; the great economist, Dr Paul Serveil who was one of the
economic consultants of the President Richard Nichson, said “America
cannot continue in its economic and military development without an
enemy, thus she tries to get enemies in all the suitable places in the
world. America has
pushed the Second World War, the Korean, the Vietnami, and the
Afghanistani wars and the coming war in Darfour; she also supported Israel in its war against Lebanon. The weak points in the Arabs and Moslems are considered the reason of the United States success in exposing and describing them of being terrorists inspite of the American terrorism that happened in Oklahoma.
When David MacAfee and his terrorist group made some explosions there,
the Americans didn’t describe this action as terrorism in order not to
be similar to their description of Moslems. There was another action in
Wako city in Texas in a state ruled by George Bosh (the son) when the
federal forces attacked the David- followers camp and killed more than
120 child, man and woman who were performing their prayers that were
considered, in its essence, a threat for the Jews. David Koreish was
practicing some rituals that are contradicting the federal and local
laws in Texas State. The American government claimed that David Koreish and his group were threatening the national security of the United States and this is considered a dangerous charge that is not based on facts and confessions in front of the Judge and Jury.

face the attacking campaigns on Arabs and Moslems, we should avoid
agitation and understand accurately the personality of the western man
being far from the stereotyping that is predominant in their attacks
upon us. Stereotyping is a clear indication of the seclusion and hatred
that encourages the increase of the conflict between the civilizations,
cultures and religions. We know that the Christianity and Judaism are
the most divine religions that are similar to Islam and that Buddhism
is clearly contradicting Islam. But we notice that the civilizational,
cultural and religious conflicts among the followers of the divine
religions are more than those conflicts between the followers of Islam
and the followers of the non-divine religions. In this situation I see
the necessity of the reconciliation through the objective discourse
that is neither burning nor agitated. The ugly picture that the western
media has drawn benefiting from the accusers of infidelity who harmed
Islam, needs an integrated and realistic media strategy to be done
under the umbrella of the Islamic Conference Organization through
effective and efficient media channels. As the fact of the political
and the Arabic and Islamic religious speech indicates, it should be
rephrased to be in accordance with the understanding of the western
man's personality to achieve the expected aims.

it is the fact, there are extremists in the west; also we have
extremists in both the Arabic and Islamic worlds. That makes the
language of hatred prevails between us. Thus we should encourage the
civil organizations that work for peace, welfare and the effective
discourse that reduces the misunderstanding and struggles between us.
Therefore, investigating the agreement points is better and more
important than investigating the disagreement points that increase the
gab between us. That is because Moslems are Moslems and the western
Christians are Christians and nobody can or has the right to oblige the
other to follow his policy, religion nor culture.

Dr. Abdelwahab bin Said Alqahtany : an academic and Saudi writer who writes in many Arabic and Khaliji newspapers. See the C.V. of Dr. Abdelwahab (Click here)


Translated by : Eman Ahmad (Click here)

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The Media-attack on the Mercy Prophet
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